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MWC Raffle 2023

The Malden Warming Center is a collaborative service providing a safe warm place for those experiencing homeless during the winter months. This month-long raffle is our biggest fundraiser of the year, with over $3,500 in prizes you can enter to win! 

The tickets you purchase will be part of the drawing for every basket and we will be doing drawings at the end of every week. We will post videos of the drawings on our Facebook and Instagram pages, and we will also reach out directly to raffle winners. With any questions, please reach out

Our goal with this raffle is to raise $16,000, which is what it costs to heat the Malden Warming Center for the length of the season. With the increase in energy costs this year we need all the support we can get to keep the Warming Center warm! 

March 3rd Winners - Watch Facebook Video

March 10th Winners - Watch Facebook Video

March 17th Winners - Watch Facebook Video

March 24th Winners - Watch Facebook Video

March 31st Winners - Watch Facebook Video

march calendar with raffle items for each day
Sponsor / Basket Name
Mar 1
Coffee First Basket by Bikeeny
3 round plates, 2 mugs, 2 napkins, Bikeeny ground coffee, Bikeeny pastries, Bikeeny coffee plaque/hanging, espresso candy, wicker basket ($70 total value)
Mar 2
Wildflower Florist
Lavender plant, $50 gift card, spritzer, garden gloves, beautiful basket ($90 total value)
Mar 3
Start the Day Right
Assorted coffees, 2 mugs, coffee scoop, thermos, baseball cap, $25 Donut Villa gift card ($75 total value)
Mar 4
Jewelry from Gallery 57
2 sets of earrings, necklace, jewelry tray ($130 total value)
Mar 5
Evening at Home from Gallery 57
Silk scarf, bscented candle, handmade candle holder and plate, watercolor painting ($230 total value)
Mar 6
All About Malden by Local Artists from Gallery 57
Malden License Plate Plaque, Malden mug, Malden Book of Poems ($95 total value)
Mar 7
Stonewall Kitchen
1 box sea salt crackers, 2 canisters of pancake mix, 1 bottle of balsamic fig dressing, 1 bottle of honey BBQ sauce, 1 box of assorted condiments ($85 total value)
Mar 8
When Life Gives You Lemons
All lemon-themed: cookie jar, dish brush, dish detergent, dish drying mat set, dish towels, Italian lemon drop candy & painted dish, lemon squeeze & pour tool, placemats, tablecloth, sponges ($100 total value)
Mar 9
Paint Your Own Glass
4 wine glasses, 8 bottles of paint, 10 acrylic brushes, 6 bags of munchies, 2 bottles of bubbly, nonalcoholic cider, 2 cylinders of cookies ($60 total value)
Mar 10
Watercolor Artistry
Arches watercolor paper, watercolor paints, watercolor post cards to paint, watercolor cards to paint, 10 watercolor brushes, 7 washie tapes, graphite pencils, markers, kneadable eraser ($100 total value)
Mar 11
Treat Your Dog
Dog treats, 2 plush dog toys, 1 rope dog toy, dog wipes, poop bags, dog shampoo ($60 total value)
Mar 12
Serenity in the City
$150 gift card
Mar 13
Relaxing Evening
Various skin care and bath products, 6 wine glasses ($100 total value)
Mar 14
Dunkin Donuts
2 bags of ground coffee, 3 boxes of k-cups ($60 total value)
Mar 15
Dinner and Dessert
Several bags of assorted candy, $25 Olive Garden gift card, $25 Liberty Bell gift card, $50 Bobby C's gift card ($120 total value)
Mar 16
Local Artists from Gallery 57
Shoulder bag pocketbook, watercolor painting, build a fairy kit, assortment of beautiful notecards ($145 total value)
Mar 17
Eat Your Heart Out
Hugh O'Neil's $50 gift card, Floramo's $50 gift card, All Seasons $50 gift card, Longhorn Restaurant $25 gift card plus free appetizer ($175 total value)
Mar 18
Silk Skin Spa
$131 Gift Card, assorted skin care products, soaps, scented candle ($160 total value)
Mar 19
Movie Date Night
$40 AMC gift card, $50 Bertucci's gift card, 6 movie theater-style candy boxes ($100 total value)
Mar 20
Bikeeny Coffee Delight
$100 gift card, coffee plaque, thermos bottle ($115 total value)
Mar 21
Family Night Out to the Movies
$75 AMC gift card, $25 Pisa Pizza gift card, movie theater-style candy box ($110 total value)
Mar 22
Shopping Errands
Coupon organizer, grocery list pad, to do pad, CVS $20 gift card, Christmas Tree $25 gift card, Walgreens $25 giftcard, Shaw's $25 gift card, Dom's Sausage $25 gift card ($165 total value)
Mar 23
Food Tour of Malden
Soup pot, John Brewers Tavern $25 gift card, Eviva Trattoria $25 gift card, All Seasons $25 gift card, Exchange Street Bistro $25 gift card ($150 total value)
Mar 24
Biking Malden
$100 gift card at JRA Cycles
Mar 25
110 Grill Dinner
3 - $50 gift cards ($150 total value)
Mar 26
Coffee or Tea?
Basket of ways to start your day
Mar 27
Boda Borg
Questing passes for the whole family! ($140 total value)
Mar 28
Gift card, fortune cookies, assorted tea, chop sticks, scorpion bowl ($100 total value)
Mar 29
Sparkling Car Wash
$150 gift card
Mar 30
Games and Take Out
Frescos $25 gift card, Town Line $25 gift card, sub and a drink at Brothers Pizza, Laser Pegs Monster Truck Building Set, Master Mind Game, Pearl Street Station $50 gift card ($150 total value)
Mar 31
Family Games and Dinner
Pearl Street Station $100 gift card, Wimpy Kid 10-Second Challenge Game, Pimple Pete Game ($150 total value)
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