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Amazon Wishlist

Updated regularly with common necessities at different price points. First, log in to Amazon and then click here.  


Gold bond powder, foot powder, mouthwash, toenail clippers

Self-stable Food: 

Juice boxes, Bottled water, Microwaveable meal cups (Mac & cheese, Chef Boyardee, Cup of Noodles, etc.), Individual cereal cups, Individual variety chips, Canned vegetable or chicken noodle soup


Men's sweatpants, men's boxer briefs, hand/foot warmers, ponchos, thermal underwear

Use the form below to contact our donations coordinator who will get in touch with you to confirm when and how you can donate your items if there is a need. 


Please follow Malden Warming Center on Facebook to see our immediate donation needs.

Goods Donation Form
Donating food or toiletries regularly needed?
Donating most requested clothing items?

MWC does not accept the following:

  • Comforters

  • Bed Sheets

  • Summer or Children's Clothes

For all other items you want to donate to MWC, please include them in your message.  Note: Items should be washed and not damaged.  

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