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Malden Cares was launched in June of 2021 through a partnership between the City of Malden, Malden Overcoming Addiction, and the City’s Opioid Task Force.  Outreach, education, support – the aim of Malden Cares is to make a difference in the community.  What started as a 12 week pilot program has now grown into a year round, multifaceted campaign to end the stigma of addiction and support those in need of recovery services.

During the winter season of 2021-22 Recovery Coaches from Malden Cares started working at the Malden Warming Center a couple of nights per week.  The positive impact was immediate.  This year, recovery coaches from Malden Cares are at the Warming Center 7 nights per week.

Recovery Coaches support Malden Warming Center volunteers during the nightly check-in procedure, making sure guests are safe and ready to stay.  After check-in the Coaches are available to provide resources to any guest or volunteer seeking information about recovery.  Coaches alternate between circulating throughout the center and being available at their resource table.

During the week Malden Cares Recovery Coaches host a weekly arts and craft night for guests.  The arts and crafts offer our guests an opportunity to express themselves in a relaxing, fun, and safe space.

On Friday evenings Malden Cares  offers a group meeting led by a Recovery Coach.  During this meeting guests get to share their hopes, dreams, frustrations, and future plans with the Coach.  Followup has been a strength of the program.

This year, Malden Cares is also planning to start offering transportation to guests who want to attend an AA meeting off campus before returning to the Warming Center for the night.  A Malden Cares Recovery Coach would accompany them to the meeting.

Over the past two years Malden Cares Recovery Coaches, supported by Malden Warming Center staff, have assisted several people in securing a placement in a sober home, a treatment program or some other form of recovery housing.  It’s been a great partnership!

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