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Malden Warming Center is a volunteer-based operation from December 1 to March 31. Every night, our volunteers provide hospitality to our guests throughout the night with the MWC director or assistant director present and available on call.


MWC has various opportunities to volunteer.  The essential positions are much needed currently to keep MWC open on a daily basis.  Every volunteer must submit and pass a CORI background. Volunteers then have access to MWC online schedule and are able to sign up on a regular or as-needed basis. 


Fill out our volunteer form if you are interested and our volunteer coordinator will contact you!

Essential Volunteering Positions

Room Monitor

Supervise guests and enforce basic safety rules in order to maintain a safe environment.

1st Evening shift: 6:30 - 9pm

2nd Evening shift: 9pm - 12am

Overnight shift: 12am - 6a

Morning shift: 6 - 8am

Shadowing an experienced volunteer is recommended for your first time / shift

Must be 18 yrs or older

Kitchen Assistance

Assist in cooking/serving a hot dinner or hand pre-packaged breakfast to guests. No need to provide food or plan meal.

Dinner shift: 6:30 - 8:30pm

Breakfast shift: 6 - 7:30am

No training required

Must be 13 yrs or older

Bathroom Monitor

Sit by and open bathroom for guests and enforce safety rules (e.g., no smoking or substance use in the bathroom)

Evening shift: 7 - 9pm

Narcan video training is required

Must be 18 yrs or older

Closet Monitor

Remain in the donation room and retrieve donated items for guests upon request.

Evening shift: 7 - 10pm

No training required

Must be 13 yrs or older

Other Volunteering Positions

Donut Delivery

Pick up donuts from Honey Dew Donuts (one block away from MWC @ 691 Eastern Ave.) and deliver it to MWC.

Pick-up time:
Mon - Sat 6:45 - 7pm

Sun. 5:45 - 6pm

Dinner Delivery

Pick up Wednesday dinner from Fresco's Roast Beef & Seafood (two blocks away from MWC at 775 Eastern Ave.) and deliver it to MWC.


Pick-up time:
Weds only 6:45 - 7pm

Sorting Donations

Donations are always in need of being sorted and organized.  


Please email our

volunteer coordinator to pick a date and time to stop by.

Sign Up to Volunteer at Malden Warming Center

Choose one or more volunteering positions you are interested in:

Thank you for signing up! Our volunteer coordinator will contact you soon.

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