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February 22, 2024

Our executive director went to the The Well Coffee House in Everett (983 Broadway) to receive a donation of over $1400! The Well featured MWC has their non-profit of the month in January and February, and the funds were donated from their patrons.

Pictured with Gerry is the manager of The Well Coffee House, Julie, and her husband Matt.
Thank you to all who donated! In an organization our size, every single dollar of that sum counts.


November 20, 2023

The Everett Citizens Foundation hosted the Year 5, Round 1 Grant Distribution event on Monday, November 20, in the City Council Chambers at Everett City Hall to award $150,000 to 26 local organizations.

Malden Warming Center was one of those organizations. Our Board President Emily Granoff and Executive Director Gerald Whetstone went to Everett City Hall to receive a $5,163 check from the Everett Citizens Fund! We are pleased to be among other fantastic local organizations to receive this grant.


September 14, 2023

November 4, 2023

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